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Close your eyes for a second (extra points for reading with your eyes closed) and imagine it’s autumn (unless it actually is autumn… in that case just look outside or something…). You’re walking down a street, the trees standing tall and bare, having strewn their leaves all over the place. As your foot descends onto the first pile of crusty foliage, yellow, red and brown in color, a resounding crackle fills the air and your soul quivers with satisfaction.

That’s us, Crunchy Leaf. We want to take that sensation and translate it into games for you to enjoy (and hopefully get filthy rich in the process). Check out the blog for some of our recent projects!

We are  a small indie game studio situated in Berlin. We are quite a mixed bunch with largely varying areas of expertise and have come together to create games with a focus on quality content and new angles to established functioning models.

Other: CLG on Facebook
Team: @crunchyleafgame

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