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Global Game Jam 2011

by on January 31, 2011

Went to the Game Jam.
Had a blast.
Made a game.

Check it out here: DodoVsDarwin

We were a team of 4 guys and had 48h to make a complete game from scratch. The theme of this year’s Game Jam was “extinction” which quickly led to the awesome Dodo bird. A creature so completely defenseless und evolutionary unprepared for the ouside world that it was quickly made extinct when humans discoved the island they lived on.

You play as the Dodo bird and must stay alive as long as possible while the island keeps getting harder to survive on. Chase the pigs away from your fruit! Bait the rats into a trap! Poop a tree! Attract your Dodo mate and try to survive!



From → DodoVsDarwin

One Comment
  1. Pete permalink

    lol wtf…irgendwas fehlt da an action, hab allerdings nur bis lvl 2 gepsielt… aber nw für die kurze zeit 🙂
    wo bekommt man die android version davon? ^^

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