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CopyPixel FTW

by on November 18, 2010

So I’ve been working on the rendering code the last couple of days and I’m now considering switching over to blitting for everything.

The main problem with the flash vector renderer is that it has performance issues when displaying a large number of objects at the same time, a problem that simply doesn’t exist when using blitting (see this awesome example). Another problem is that it has trouble with the 2d free-scrolling background, making it move in jumps at times which gives the impression that the game isn’t running smoothly. Perhaps I will be able to fix this with blitting by applying a slight motion blur effect to the background.

Update wise, I will be upping a new version soon with better balance and couple other smaller changes. I think most people haven’t even seen all the enemy types yet, because waves 5 and 6 are way too hard. I will also set up a survey so people can give me their take on the prototype and make suggestions.

Until then you can still play the original prototype here.


From → Stars of Icarus

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  1. Christian permalink

    Läuft schon viel besser bei mir.

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